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Circle and The Cycle film project

Circle and The Cycle film project

Harvest_ Quyurciq film production still.jpg

Circle and The Cycle is a mini documentary about Yup’ik Eskimo artist and designer Peter Williams. Bridging worlds of fashion, art, tradition and innovation, his hand-sewn works are both ground-breaking and controversial in that they incorporate the self-hunted fur of marine mammals. This new film follows Peter’s lifestyle in Alaska, illuminating the Indigenous views that inform his art while unpacking the legacy of colonization and the struggle to keep ancient customs alive.

Production will take place the first week of April 2019. WNBA power forward, model and singer Cheyenne Parker will be featured modeling Peter’s work. Any purchase of art or donations will be greatly appreciated and will go towards the creation of the film. Specifically we are fundraising to rent better equipment and cushion for production expenses. Currently our equipment rental budget is $3,000 our goal is $10,000 in order to access top of the line camera and lenses.

I find if I don’t tell people that I respect the animals they assume I don’t. This baseline for Worldviews is so different that my work is often perceived as the opposite of what it is. I want to visually show how my lifestyle is related to place, my culture, nature and traditional art in a few minutes. Controlling my narrative as an indigenous person.
— Peter Williams

Director Bios

Colin Russell: Co-Director, Editor is a San Francisco-based filmmaker and editor. In addition to directing and editing a number of short subject films and music videos, he has edited commercials for JanSport, Marvel, Flickr, Clif Bar, Cisco Systems and USA Rugby. He graduated from the University of San Francisco in Media Studies. His interest in food systems has influenced his lifestyle choice to be a vegetarian.

Peter Williams: Co-Director, Co-Producer is a hunter, artist, filmmaker and designer based in Sitka, Alaska. He has been profiled in The Guardian and in the New York Times. He co-produced the documentary Harvest: Quyurciq which has been screened across the globe. He is a spokesperson for Alaska Native hunting and fishing rights and works to ensure a reciprocity between human and animal worlds in current and future generations.