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Adjusting, color bars, snow

Offerings From The Sea

limited edtion 

Adjusting, color bars, snow


Adjusting, color bars, snow


Adjusting, color bars, snow   

Year: 2018

Dimensions: 22 1/2” x 20 1/2” depth 20”

Materials: seal, thread, Gorilla glue, VELCRO, Toshiba TV

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Care instructions: Fur should be stored in a cool, dry place with air flow -not in a plastic bag. If the fur gets too dried out by heat or lack of air it may crack. For professional cleaning take fur to a furrier. Due to international regulations, seal handicrafts cannot be exported out of the United States. 

Sustainable Fur The designer sources fur by asking the animal for its life before hunting and skinning it with his own hands. Ancient rituals, such as smudging with Labrador Tea and giving the animal its last drink of water in prayer, honor the animal. Shaman Furs upholds Yup'ik Eskimo tradition of a spiritual and respectful relationship with seals that has been celebrated for thousands of years. This incredibly personal connection is carried throughout its journey to you. Shaman Furs' unique business ethics and standards of quality have created a story and relationship not found in typical fashion houses. Alaska Native tribal groups have exclusive rights to hunt and work with seal fur. In Southeast Alaska, where Shaman Furs harvests seals for food and fur, seals are not listed as an endangered species. Ranging in shade from white to gold with energetic patterns and a sleek texture, seal fur is an ideal material for one-of-a-kind looks. Handcrafting fur from rare and expensive materials, Shaman Furs takes high quality construction to a unique place. 

Free Shipping We offer free shipping on all orders. Items are shipped from Alaska directly to you. We use USPS Priority Mail. Purchases are shipped within four business days. Shaman Furs does not ship outside the United States due to regulations under the Marine Mammal Protection Act and CITES.  

No Hassle Return Policy Returning an item is easy. You may return any stock item for any reason for store credit only, no questions asked as long as you have it back to us within 12 days of the purchase date. Item must be in the same condition as when we sent it to you. Return shipping is paid by the purchaser.

Items will not be accepted for returns if the item is in not in like condition and or not received within 12 days of the purchase. Send returns to: 

Shaman Furs

PO Box 6233

Sitka, AK 99835