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Beyond Haute Couture

Inspired by Connection

seal fur earrings & pencil skirt // Shaman Furs designer Peter Williams

Relationships and how we interact with the World paint the landscape of inner peace


A horizon produces the illusion that the sea and sky are separate


My hand functions like your hand, my heart beats the same way your heart beats


Within you dwells truth and beauty

- Shaman Furs

Sea Otter Fur

Sea otter fur is historically prized as one of the rarest furs in the world. In 1968, Neiman-Marcus purchased four pelts at $2,300 apiece. After a history of foreign exploitation, Alaska Native tribal groups now have exclusive rights to hunt for and work with the fur. Because of traditional native hunting practices and conservation efforts, Alaska sea otter is no longer listed as an endangered species. The luxuriously warm, soft and durable fur contains up to one million hairs per square inch, making it the densest in the World. Shaman Furs is the first label to bring sea otter fur back into American high fashion since the 1970's. 


Seal Fur

Shaman Furs is the first label to bring seal fur back into American high fashion since the 1970's. An exemption in the Marine Mammal Protection Act of 1972 grants Alaska Native tribal groups exclusive rights to hunt and work with the fur. In Southeast Alaska, where Shaman Furs harvests seals for food and fur, seals are not listed as an endangered species. Ranging in shade from white to gold with energetic patterns and a sleek texture, seal fur is an ideal material for one-of-a-kind looks. 

Beyond Haute Couture 

Hand sewing fur from rare and expensive materials, Shaman Furs takes high quality construction to a unique place. The designer sources fur by asking the animal for its life before hunting and skinning it with his own hands. This incredibly personal connection carries into each hand stitch along its journey to you. Shaman Furs' unique business ethics and standards of quality have created a story and relationship not found in typical fashion houses.