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Mr. Williams has access to a luxury good — and a relationship to it — that global brands like Saga Furs and Fendi do not.
— The New York Times, Fashion & Style by Vanessa Friedman "Is All Fur Bad Fur?"

  Each piece is a unique work of art

As an interdisciplinary traditional artist my work comes from my Yup'ik Eskimo ancestry's traditional relationship with marine mammals. I hunt these animals for food, hand-sew their hides, and celebrate the spirit and gift of their lives. The connection of all things is deeply woven into my culture and inspires my art. I practice art that has enabled my culture to survive in some of the harshest environments for thousands upon thousands of years. The deeply holistic nature of my culture not only informs my art but is the reason I create it.

- Shaman Furs Designer Peter Williams 

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From Alaska to New York

Bridging two states at the opposite ends of the country has allowed Peter to grow connections between disparate cultures. This came from walking pathways in deep healing and his role as a Yup’ik man.

“My father, my culture, my spirituality, sobriety, and healing all became tangible through the sacred act of hunting and sewing with marine mammals,” he said.

- First Peoples Fund, By Sarah Elisabeth Sawyer (Choctaw Nation) "Breaking Into New York Fashion From Alaska"